Wine and a Winning Sunday!

I can’t believe we are nearing the end of another month…this year is flying by already.  We are busy preparing for our holiday at the start of March – lots of purchasing and packing is going on!  Life is still pretty hectic…lots of classes and groups, nursery, volunteering, jogging and social events are keeping us on our toes!

Monday – we popped out with A in the morning to get some bits for the office and a tv for Eva’s playroom which will eventually become our family area.  The usual Monday madness ensued with Eva going to nursery, Mya the childminder and me to my volunteering.  I’m still really enjoying it and got to work with a different class this week which was lovely.  A 4.5k run in the evening followed by a shower and catch up with Call the Midwife rounded off the day nicely!

Tuesday – I was up and super organised for a change which made for a very relaxed morning (note to self: try to get up earlier!!).  We headed to Pilates and toddlers followed by a quick lunch and the nursery run.  Mya and I spent a quiet afternoon at home playing and catching up on some chores!  We played for ages on my bed – cuddling and singing songs which was really lovely!

Wednesday morning was spent tidying the playroom (again!!)…it’s so satisfying when the room is tidy but it never lasts long with 2 little ladies in the house…

Thursday was a quiet day…Mya and I popped to the shops for some holiday bits in the morning then we had an afternoon at home playing.  I did a HIIT workout on the treadmill in the evening which felt great!  I’m going to try to do more of these as I really enjoyed it and it’s great to improve fitness.

I was working in a local school on Friday.  I had such a fab time with the children and can’t wait to get into another school to get stuck in again!  When I finished, the girls and Rachael met me and we went for a coffee at the garden centre (of course, yummy cake was involved!!).  An afternoon of baking followed for a fundraiser for the toddler group…the kitchen resembled something from GBBO with a Victoria sponge, chocolate chip cookies and malteser traybake being the results!  A went out in the evening and one of my chums came round for wine and nibbles…we had a good old chinwag!

I helped out at the fundraiser on Saturday morning then we took Eva to her swimming lesson!  I had an afternoon off mummy duties and headed for afternoon tea with 3 friends!  We had lots of cakes and a bottle of wine to help wash it all down!  It was a country pub and we sat in front of a coal fire which was amazing and so cosy!  We’ll definitely be heading back to try out the food next time!

A was working on Sunday so the girls and I had a girlie day together.  It was a bright, warm day so we went for a walk at a local NTS property, Castle Fraser!  Eva took her scooter and we enjoyed a mini adventure in the wooded area and did some bird spotting!  After I took them to a playbarn not far from home to burn off some more energy…we had great fun playing and enjoyed a fly cup while there too!  A fantastic end to another busy weekend!


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