Our week 

It’s midterm here so there’s no nursery until Thursday!  We don’t have much planned so will just wait and see what the week brings.

We woke up on Monday morning to a covering of snow.  The girls were super excited so I promised we would go out in it but first I had to get some cleaning done!  I spent the morning gutting the upstairs of the house and giving it a right good clean while the girls occupied themselves playing.  In the afternoon we went out for a walk to jump in piles of snow and get some fresh air.  We stopped by a wee stream and threw sticks in and just generally made the most of being outdoors.  We then headed to A’s work for a coffee!  I made the girls meatballs for tea…Mya was really funny as she kept coming back to my feet and shouting for breadsticks then shuffling off to eat them!! She’s a wee gem!  A run in the evening blew those cobwebs right away!

We headed to toddlers on Tuesday morning for a little while before venturing into Aberdeen to get A’s phone screen fixed.  We went for a nosey in primark while we waited and got a load of stuff for the girls (they have loads of really cute girls stuff in just now!).  A naughty McDonald’s for lunch ended a fabby trip.  My mum popped into visit in the afternoon and I made the ‘Lean in 15’ chicken pie for tea!😋. It was delicious and one I will def be trying again.  

The girls and I popped to Inverurie on Wednesday morning to get Mya’s feet measured.  Unfortunately the shop didn’t have anything in her size so we tried another shop but they were no use so I’m thinking I’ll order a pair online in the make suggested by the first shop.  We then went to Pets at home to see the fish, rabbits and other little animals before heading home for lunch and Mya’s nap.  Eva baked some Mickey and Minnie cakes after lunch then we headed to the library for the first time in ages!  It was great fun, the girls sat at a table drawing pictures then played with some toys which were out before choosing some books to take home.  When we got back Eva decorated her cakes and a friend and her wee boy came for a play and a cuppy of tea!  Another 5k in the bag at night made a great end to a busy day!

First day back to nursery today so it was a pretty hectic start to the day!  Eva went off to nursery and Mya and I went to our class.  After the class we popped to the shops for a couple of things then got the car washed.  We headed home for lunch and Mya’s nap and a friend came over for coffee and a catch up – it was long overdue and definitely needed!  I also got an email asking for more information for my uni application which is promising 😬.

Eva had nursery on Friday morning so Mya and I spent the morning at home doing very little. A friend and her wee one came round in the afternoon for a catch up and a play which was fab!  We’ve had such a busy week of meeting people but it’s been great fun.  I’ve been super lazy this week and have only done 2 runs which is horrendous…hoping my motivation will return next week as I’ve been really enjoying being more active.  

Saturday begun with our usual gymnastics and fly cup.  We met some more friends for a play at soft play after which was lovely.  The girls and I spent the afternoon at home pampering ourselves before heading out in the evening – me with some friends and the girls with daddy.

Sunday was a quiet day spent at home as A hurt his ankle at football on Saturday.  We have promised to take the girls out next week as Sunday’s are usually our family day of fun.  


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