Mya at 15 months 

She’s a wee superstar!  Mya continues to be a happy wee girl who is always ready with a smile for us.  She’s turning into a strong willed girl who knows her mind and is rather mischievous with it!

Mya is still bum shuffling but is becoming more and more confident on her feet all of the time.  She is standing up by herself for longer periods of time but just needs the confidence to move her feet!  She got her first pair of shoes last week so fingers crossed they give her the stability to go for it…

 She is an adventurer and loves climbing – the stairs at every possible opportunity, onto chairs and everywhere possible!  Mya’s speech hasn’t really come on much recently – she’s still saying mama, dada, stars and tata but is pointing and making noises to show us what she wants.  She has fab understanding but isn’t in any rush to chat with us more!

Mya continues to be a great eater.  She enjoys all of her meals and snacks and will happily chomp away at almost anything you give her.  

She has settled in very well with the childminder now, even managing a smile for me when I go.  I’m so glad that the really difficult stage is over and that she’s more confident and happy with others now.  

We have FINALLY made progress with Mya’s sleeping pattern too!! (Yay!!👏🏼) She is generally sleeping through the night and has 1 or occasionally 2 naps during the day.    We had to do some controlled crying to get to this stage (which broke my heart) but progress was made very quickly so we kept at it.  


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