Sunday Funday

Yesterday we had such a lovely family day.  Firstly we headed into town and took Eva ten pin bowling – it was great fun and she loves it!  We are crisps, drank juice and had lots of laughs trying to get a decent family selfie together!  After our game (which of course daddy won!) we had a play on some of the kiddies ride one and mummy and daddy tried to win some soft toys from the frustrating grabber machines!  Wow they are so addictive!  We asked Eva if she fancied a game of crazy golf but she didn’t so we headed into the city centre for some lunch and a look around the shops.  Lunch was delicious at the Handmade Burger Co – it was our first time and definitely won’t be our last!  We had a walk around a picked up some bits in the shops including some naughty Krispy Kreme doughnuts!  Eva got such a fright as a giant dinosaur was walking around the centre raising money for charity – she ran a mile and constantly tried to hide in shops until we left after!! It was hilarious!!  Our final stop of the day was Costco for some bits for the house! 

It was so lovely to spend the whole day together doing fun things.  The girls are great company and love being out and about!  Can’t wait to see what next weeks Sunday Funday brings!❤️


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