Pancakes, Painting & Playbarns

Monday – today was a regular Monday for us, nothing exciting to report!  The girls were really good, although Mya was shattered at teatime and had a major meltdown – I hate when it happens at that time as its always hectic and busy!

Tuesday – I’ve been feeling a bit stressed and slightly low recently. I can’t put my finger on the reason but I really need to snap out of it.  I’m going to try to put less pressure on myself to see if this eases the unpleasant feelings I’ve been experiencing.  We had Pilates followed by toddlers this morning.   Mya managed to pull her chest of drawers over this afternoon which gave both of us quite a fright.  I was only in the next room putting washing away and thankfully she is completely fine.  I’ve decided to keep her out of the room for the time being until I can decide what to do with the drawers.

After the drama we went out for a walk in the fresh air.  While out I decided to pop into the butcher for a lovely puff pastry steak pie…its been so long!  It was really lovely to get out for a walk finally!  When we got back from nursery we started our annual daddy valentines card/picture and since it was Shrove Tuesday we made some yummy pancakes too…delicious!!

 Wednesday – we woke up to the news that my cousin had had her baby which was super exciting and a lovely way to start the day.  The girls and I got dressed and went for a walk to the park since it was a nice morning.  They both enjoyed a wee play on the swings and being outdoors.  We had a busy afternoon at nursery, the childminder and volunteering then it was home for a quick tea and out to my running group!  We did a 5k which felt amazing!  I love the buzz I get from going out for a run!

Thursday – Mya and I went to our storyland express class in the morning then popped to M & S for a Valentines meal deal for mummy and daddy this weekend!! 3 courses, a bottle of wine/fizz and chocolates for £20 – bargain!!  I went for a run on the treadmill while Eva played with playdoh and Mya napped then we headed out for a wee walk round the block to get some fresh air.  

Friday – it’s midterm here so no nursery which is fab as we got to have a lazy morning playing.  A friend and her 2 wee ones came for a play date and catch up too.  The big girls had such fun together and us mummies got a good old blether.  We headed to the local garden centre in the afternoon for a cuppa and cake (massive meringue with cream and fruit for me 😮) with my sister and cousin.  A Pilates workout finished my Friday nicely!

Saturday – gymnastics followed by burning off some energy in the playbarn then a quick dash to Eva’s swimming lesson started off our Saturday nicely.  We found daddy sat on the sofa when we got back as football has been cancelled so we let Mya have her nap then popped out to the shops for some Saturday night goodies!  A and I enjoyed a night on the sofa watching Saturday night tv with our m & s meal deal!❤️. I was also treated to a beautiful bouquet of red roses and some delicious chocolates as an early valentines gift – lucky lady!!

Sunday – today we are heading into town to go bowling and for a game of crazy golf with the girls.  We’re thinking about having some lunch and doing a spot of shopping too!  Looking forward to a lovely family day together!👨‍👩‍👧‍👧


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