Our Week

Wow it’s February already…how exactly did that happen so quickly!!  We had a pretty good start to the year and have lots more to look forward to.  February sees Breakneck comedy coming to our home town, Valentines Day, a girls day out with my antenatal friends, afternoon tea, a night away with A and lots more I’m sure!  Back to this week though…

Monday – Nothing overly exciting happened on Monday. I went along to the school to help again and we made Chinese lanterns which resulted in me wearing a LOT of red paint…all part of the fun!  After nursery, Eva baked some Peppa Pig cupcakes as a reward for being really well behaved.  Our star chart seems to be making a fab difference and she’s really taking note of it, long may it continue!  In the evening I went along to coach the Beginners 2 level at the Jogscotland group – it was soo cold but felt great when we were finished!  The house was a tip so I caught up on a bit of cleaning when I got home while the girls were in bed!  My new UP arrived today too which made me super excited as I can finally get my fix again and get back to my usual active self!!

Tuesday – Pilates, toddlers, lunch, nursery, bathroom cleaning (Eurgh!!)…all made for a busy day! Mya is such an affectionate wee soul and gave me loads of cuddles today which was lovely.  I love our time together when Eva is at nursery.

Wednesday – we spent the morning at home…Eva played in the bath for ages and Mya helped me sort out and put away some washing.  In the afternoon, Mya went to the childminder (it’s getting easier and she’s having far less tears now…phew!!), Eva to nursery and I went for my first helping session at another local school.  I had a great time with the children and we made it outside to start tidying the Eco garden area…I really need to sort myself out and get our girls out in the fresh air a bit more (added to ‘being a better mummy list’).  Another run added to my fitness regime in the evening…just a pity about my diet recently!!

Thursday – nursery is in the morning for Eva and Mya and I headed to storyland express.  We had a fly cup after then dashed back to collect Eva from nursery.  While Mya was napping I took the opportunity to go for a run on the treadmill while Eva was playing with the playdoh.  I felt much fresher and had a clearer head after it (had felt pretty crap at lunchtime!). 

Friday – busy morning having good old clean and sort out in sitting room followed by a lovely lunch at the garden centre with my sis and auntie!  Lovely food, lovely company, happy Mrs Fin!  The day was rounded off nicely with a run on the treadmill when the girls were in bed!

Saturday – usual mayhem involving gymnastics, shopping and swimming!  A and I went to a comedy night at the local golf club in the evening…it was hilarious!

Sunday – a wasted day due to another hangover…a and I are seriously considering having a month off booze before our holiday in March!  Great plan I think!  Here’s to a more productive weekend next week!


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