Mya’s 13/14 Month Update

Sorry I didn’t do a 13 month update last month but things were pretty hectic with Christmas etc so I’ve decided to lump the 13/14 month update together.

Mya has come on loads recently and her wee personality has really started to shine through more and more.  She’s a complete daddy’s girl – no one gets a reaction like he does!  She’s become quite clingy recently but maybe this is partly down to being put to a childminder 2 afternoons a week.  To be honest I’m really struggling with this and she’s not making it any easier for me!

Eating – Mya is now eating the same as the rest of us.  She loves her food and scoffs everything down.  She’s especially good at breakfast time and will wolf down a bowl of cereal, pancake and some fruit along with a drink of milk!  She generally has 2 snacks per day – usually a biscuit (gasp, bad mummy alert) or some fruit sometimes both!  She’s completely on cows milk now and has water throughout the day.

Sleep – Mya still doesn’t sleep through the night.  She usually wakes around 11.30pm and has a drink of milk and will sometimes waken later in the night before sleeping until between 7 and 8 generally.  I have increased her daytimes naps to see if she is overtired which is causing her to wake during the night and it has made a slight difference.  She doesn’t always get the chance to have 2 naps though as we have Eva to take to/from nursery etc.  I’m going to start going in on my way to bed to stir her to see if we can get rid of the 11.30pm wake up…watch this space!  I can’t wait for the day that I can write that she is sleeping through the night!!

Loves – Mya continues to be a happy, smiley wee girl.  She loves dancing and will start to boogie whenever she hears music.  She has also started to babble lots – some things are pretty clear – mumma, dada, hiya, ta, gran.  She has started pointing loads too – she points and makes an eh sound whenever she wants something – I think this is super cute but always giving her things is probably not going to help her speech long term.  She waves bye bye and blows kisses now when anyone is leaving and also pouts for a kiss.  She loves her big sister and is always pouting in her direction and trying to give her bosies!

We have continued with the Storyland Express class as Mya loves it and really gets involved.  She loves all of the singing and the props that they use.  I was in 2 minds about keeping this on but I felt bad stopping so have re-jigged our week to make it work!  We also have her swimming lessons that I think we’ll continue this term as she has become so much more confident in the water since starting them.

Mya currently has 6 teeth – 4 at the top and 2 at the bottom.  Her hair is coming in really thick and is a lovely blonde colour.  She’s still not walking but is making more and more attempts to get on her feet.  She will cruise around furniture but she gets around so quickly by bum shuffling that this seems to win most of the time!  Mya got a Fisher Price Activity Garden for her birthday and she has spent so many hours playing in it – she absolutely adores this toy and another favourite is the Bepo that she got for Christmas.  Mya also loves playing with her dolls – she can often be found patting a babies back giving it cuddles!!


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