My Mummy Must Haves 

I thought I’d do a post about my mummy must haves for a newborn. I’ve included the things that I used loads and I found really useful.  There are so many different gadgets on the market but I found the simple things were the most used!  Here goes…

  • Sleeping bags – I used sleeping bags from the fairly days with both girls as I felt more at ease that they couldn’t get stuck under blankets etc.  Mya still has a sleeping bag at almost a year old and I still love them as much now.  
  • Muslins – these are multipurpose and a life saver!  I have loads and again still use these – mopping up spills, wiping chins, blanket, sun shade, changing mat the list goes on… Great buy!
  • Tuppence and Crumble star blanket or something similar for winter baby – Mya was born in November and before she arrived I had bought a snow suit but it was a nightmare to get in and off with her tiny limbs so I had a browse online and came across the tuppence and crumble blanket.  It was great – I used it I the car seat and the pram and knew Mya was warm without the hassle of a snowsuit!
  • Baby monitors – saves going into their room and disturbing them.  Again these are well used and I still use them for Mya.  
  • Bouncy chair – a great place for baby to sit and watch/nap in during those first months. Ours was well used and if definitely recommend having one.  Eva loved the vibration of the chair and slept in it for ages as a wee toot.
  • Changing bag – don’t scrimp, buy one you love.  Go for lots of pockets.  I’ve been using my pink lining changing bag for the best part of 3.5 years and I love although I do sometimes wish I’d bought something more handbag like!

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