A Mummy Meltdown

Monday – busy as always.  Morning spent stripping and remaking beds, cleaning bathrooms and having a generally tidy around.  Our weekly shop got delivered as did our new kitchen bar stools so I set to work to get them built ready to go!  They were really easy to put together and look fab compared to our old worn out ones!!  Eva went off to nursery, Mya to the childminder and I went to volunteer at the local school in the afternoon.  I ordered Haggis to be delivered with my Tesco shop as it was Burn’s Day but of course, it was out of stock so I decided to stick with the traditional theme and make mince and tatties instead!  In the evening I headed out to Jogscotland and ran with the beginners group to give some of the other leaders a chance to have a longer run.

Tuesday – another busy morning for us – pilates, followed by toddlers home for a quick lunch for Eva and then it’s nursery time.  Mya and I spent the afternoon at home playing and tidying!  I’m struggling with the whole ‘sensible eating’ thing at the moment as last week I didn’t lose any weight at all after being pretty good eating wise and exercising most days!  Argh its so frustrating but I need to keep going as it’s only 6 weeks until our holiday now.  A bought me a slendertone to try to budge my mum tum so I’ve been using that for the last 4/5 nights…fingers crossed it strengthens my core a bit!!

I’m pretty tired today too as the girls were fairly unsettled last night – Eva was up and down crying with sore something or other until about 1.30am which is really unusual for her and Mya was up and down every 2/3 hours which is pretty much the norm for her!!  Anyone else have a 1 year old who hasn’t ever (apart from a hand full of times) slept through the night and is up and down looking for cuddles and a drink?!  Any tips for us??

Wednesday – We had a fairly long lie this morning – I think it was about 8am before we heard either of the girls.  It was a pretty manic morning as I had a waxing appointment and I started reading the Marie Kondo book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying so was on a bit of a mission to sort out my clothes and the girls clothes.  I NEED to get some organisation in my life!!  Just before we left for my appointment I realised that I couldn’t find my purse so when we got home I searched the house high and low to find it…with n0 success.  While giving Mya her lunch I got a phone call from the local police to say that they had my purse and was there a possibility that it could have been stolen last night – turns out I had left it in my car on Monday afternoon and forgot to lock it last night so it had been taken by opportunist thieves!  So annoying but thankfully I got it back with everything still inside it.  The girls and I played making tents in the afternoon then I had JogScotland in the evening.  We did some tough love with Mya which was fairly successful with only 2 wake ups during the night, the first being the usual around 11pm which we left her and then at 3.20am and A got up and gave her a drink.

Thursday – Eva went off to nursery while Mya and I headed to our usual Thursday morning class.  We didn’t hang around for coffee today but instead headed to the shops for some bits and pieces.  I managed to lose my keys in Markies (seems to be one of those weeks!!) and picked up a new pair of jeggings and a top in New Look.  We came home and had lunch with A then I decided to sort through the girls’ holiday clothes to see what I still needed to get them.  Eva is fairly organised only needing some socks, a cardigan and a pair of trainers and pool shoes while Mya still needs loads so I sat myself in front of the computer and put in massive Next order…I feel another haul post coming up!!  The afternoon took a rather stressful turn…the girls were being demanding, Eva wouldn’t do anything she was asked, Mya screamed at my feet and I just felt ridiculously overwhelmed!! I got them off to bed, A went out to football and I sat on the sofa and cried…I just needed a release!  I also did some reading on being a better parent as I really don’t want to mess this up!  Wow, some days this is just beyond me…

Friday – Eva had nursery in the morning so Mya and I spent the morning at home playing then napping and tidying.  We picked Eva up then headed to a local playbarn for lunch and to burn off some energy.  The girls were really well behaved and we had a fab day!  I was feeling much more positive and really made an effort to depend some quality time playing with the girls!  My massive Next  order arrived so Mya is pretty much sorted for our holiday in March so it just leaves me to sort myself out!  On a sad note, my UP has died and gone to fitness tracker heaven which I’m gutted about so have ordered a replacement straight away as I’m so much more active when I’m wearing it..just the waiting for it to arrive now!

Saturday – We had the usual morning mayhem of gymnastics followed by swimming lessons.  The girls and I then met A and we went to an opening party at a friends’ new salon – it looks fantastic and I consumed a fair bit of prosecco which was fun!  We then spent a lazy afternoon/evening at home watching tv and playing.  It was lovely to have that family time together.

Sunday – A went to work in the morning so I did a little workout while Mya napped and Eva played.  We then went out for lunch together before heading to an ice skating party.  It was Eva’s first time on the ice and she wasn’t very sure about the whole experience but daddy had loads of fun!

While finishing this off I’ve realised that I’ve been really bad at taking photos recently…MUST TRY HARDER!


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