Our week

We started the week with another manic Monday!  Shopping, cleaning, nursery, volunteering, play date, jogscotland!  Just the usual Monday chaos!  There was a positive in all of this as I lost 3lbs last week…yay!  Just to keep it up now!

Tuesday marked 7 weeks until our holiday so we started the day with a healthy breakfast followed by Pilates and toddlers!  I spent some time looking online and at Pinterest for some craft ideas to do with Eva over the coming month or 2.  I found some great tasks one of which is burns themed and I plan to do this week…making our own ‘Fin’ tartan 😊.

Wednesday gave me a couple of free hours due to the childminder but I’m rubbish and just wasted them away as I really don’t know what to do with my own time these days!!  Argh!!  I had jogscotland at night which was fab to keep up with my fitness goals.  

Mya and I went to our class on Thursday morning and I treated myself to a slice of cake…felt naughty all day about it though!!  I did a YouTube workout in the afternoon while Mya napped so hoping to have lost a few more pounds at tomorrow’s weigh in!!

Eva has been a little rascal recently so we’re working on improving her behaviour with a star chart.  I think it will take time for her to get her wee head around this but we’ll see…

I booked a wee date night away for Alan and I too which I’m really looking forward to.  It was a special deal including dinner, bed, breakfast, wine and use of leisure facilities so we’ll be able to kick back and relax!  I also started investigating options for the first of our 30th birthdays…but it’s top secret!

On Friday morning I spent some time at home organising and tidying.  We had Mya’s one year assessment with the health visitor at lunchtime which she passed with flying colours! I discussed with the HV her sleep issues and the fact that she wakens up numerous times a night so she said ‘tough love’ was the way forward…unfortunately A doesn’t agree so looks like we’ll just have to ride it out!😴My sister and I took the girls swimming after lunch to get Eva used to he pool that she’ll do her swimming lessons in – she loved it!! I went for a treadmill run in the evening to keep the fitness up!

Saturday’s have become another manic morning…gymnastics, shops,swimming lessons!  I did another run in the afternoon then got myself all dolled up for dinner and an engagement party!  What a cracker of a night!!  Eva did such a fab job at her first swimming lesson on her own.  She got in the pool no bother st all and did everything that her teacher asked her to…such a proud mummy moment!

Sunday was a super lazy day spent mostly lying around! Thank goodness for my mum…we’ve renamed her super gran as she’s such an amazing help to us with the girls!


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