Flooding, fitness and fizz


Eva’s nursery was closed as it was affected by the recent flooding that we’ve experienced in this area.  We spent the morning at home and I blitzed all of the washing and the majority of the cleaning.  In the afternoon I went to a local school to volunteer so both Eva and Mya went to the childminder.  I helped in the P1 class this week and had such a lovely time with all of the children helping them with their targets for 2016.  We had a friend’s little boy over for tea and a play then I dashed out to my Jogscotland group.  This was my first time leading a group and I think it went pretty well.  We ran just over 1.5 miles which was fab as it was a beginners group that I was taking.


Eva’s nursery remained closed today while they cleaned/repaired after the flood.  We went to my child friendly pilates class in the morning followed by a stop off at the toddler group.  Pilates was tough going this week after the Christmas break but I like it like that as I feel that it’s working!  We spent the afternoon at home so nothing exciting to report!


We had a friend over in the morning for coffee and a play.  Mya went to the childminder in the afternoon while Eva and I popped to the shops for some bits and pieces.  I finally got the links taken out of my watch so that I can wear it and I picked up some bargains in the sale for the girls.  We got our hair cut after picking Mya up and I went to Jogscotland group in the evening.  The group took a slightly different format and we did some stamina training which was great fun if not a bit challenging!!


Eva finally got back to nursery on Thursday morning after almost a week off.  Mya and I went to our Storyland Express class and stayed for a fly cup and catch up with some friends.  It was lovely to be back to our old class again!  While Mya napped I did a 30 minutes HIIT and ab session to try to keep on track with my fitness goals for this year.  It was hard going but I always feel better after doing something so it was well worth it.


My teaching application had to be in today so I spent the majority of the day in front of the computer.  The poor girls were basically left to play together with little input from me!  Mummy guilt…


The girls and I went to gymnastics in the morning followed a by a fundraiser for the flood victims.  There was a car wash, bouncy castle, raffle and teas and coffees for a donation – the girls had great fun and it was lovely to donate for such a fab cause.  We spent the afternoon at home and I did a wee run to keep up with the exercise.  At night I went out with some friends for drinks and a catch up!  It was such a fab night.


This morning we took the girls swimming.  We have promised to take them more often (most Sunday’s if possible) to increase their water confidence before we go on holiday in March.  It was really lovely taking them out and spending some quality time together.  I’ve been rubbish so far this year at doing things with them so I’m determined to make more of an effort this week.  I’ll be heading over to Pinterest when I’ve posted this to get some ideas for the week ahead.  We had a lazy afternoon at home today getting jobs done and I got a head start on the housework for tomorrow!


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