Proud Wife Week!


The last day of the school holidays and it continued to pour with rain so we spent the whole day at home.  I did some cleaning and tidying in the morning then we tried to sort out the toy room and put away the mountain of new toys that the girls’ accumulated at Christmas (no mean fete!!).  In the afternoon I did some work on the laptop so nothing really exciting to report but we were warm and dry which was the main thing!


The first day back to normality…I felt absolutely shattered but just had to man up and get on with it!  The girls and I popped out to Inverurie in the morning to collect our Tesco shopping.  Eva returned to nursery in the afternoon and Mya went back to the childminder to help her settle in again after 2 weeks off.  I enjoyed a cup of tea and some yogurt and fruit in peace!  I then spent the afternoon updating the blog as it felt like ages since I’d posted anything!  We have recently bought The Body Coach cookbook so I was super excited to try our first recipe for tea – I made Cheesy Chicken and Chorizo and it was delicious.  The portions were huge though and I struggled to finish it!


It continued to rain constantly so I dropped Eva at nursery and took Mya to toddlers to get out of the house for a couple of hours!  We actually slept in and I had a mad dash out of the house with Eva before going back for Mya who was having breakfast with daddy!  Oh the joys of getting back into a routine!!  We spent the afternoon snuggled up at home keeping cosy.  The weather took a dramatic turn for the worse on Thursday and many of the locals in our village faced a serious flood threat – Alan headed out to help fill and distribute sand bags while I stayed at home with the girls keeping an eye on things on facebook etc (what did we do before social media?!).  It was a late night…Alan came back around midnight having done the best he could with the resources available so it was simply a waiting game.


A number of homes in our village flooded overnight, the roads were fairly bad and most of the schools in the area were closed due to the weather.  The girls and I spent another day at home keeping warm – my sister was with us as she had stayed on Thursday night as she couldn’t get home!  Alan headed out to work but ended up taking all of his staff to help some of the people affected by the flooding.  It was devastating to see the effects that it had on people and their homes.


After a bright day on Friday a lot of the water had started to clear by Saturday.  Eva’s gymnastics class started back this morning so we headed there followed by a spot of shopping on the way home.  We went for our first Costco trip of the year in the afternoon but didn’t pick up anything exciting, just the usual boring bits.  We had a take away and quiet evening in front of the tv which was amazing!


I woke up with a thumping headache today…it eventually cleared early afternoon thankfully but it was awful.  We had a lazy morning at home followed by a wee family party for my granny’s 70th birthday – we spent a lovely afternoon with the family.  Alan went out to help yet more people affected by the recent flooding so missed out on all the fun!

It has been a week that I really don’t want to repeat ever.  Having said that it has been amazing to see our community pull together to help those affected.  I am super proud of Alan and the work that he has put in to help others over the last few days – he really has been amazing!  Fingers crossed for a drier week this week!!



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