The Lul between Christmas and New Year

Boxing Day

Alan went out with his friends so the girls and I pottered around at home before heading to visit my granny.  It was a lovely quiet day after the mania that was Christmas!  To be honest I hate the come down after the build up and Christmas itself…I’m going to start making proper Boxing Day plans to relieve these blues!


Another super busy day.  We headed into Aberdeen to have a look around the shops and to have some lunch late morning/early afternoon.  After that we headed to my auntie and uncle’s to start arranging birthday celebrations for a special lady.  A quick dash around Tesco then home to get ready for our wee jaunt to Manchester.  Alan and I were flew on the 8.25 flight.  My mum came to babysit the girls for us.  When we arrived we had a few drinks in the hotel bar and headed to bed.


We got up and organised then headed to the Trafford centre to do a spot of shopping…it was fairly short lived and we headed to the bar for some cocktail refreshments!!  We lost our Pizza Express virginity for lunch (amazing!!) then had a couple of drinks at a champagne bar!  The main reason for our trip was to go to the football so next stop was Old Trafford.  I love all of the people watching I can do at a football match…it’s great fun!  After the football we headed into the city centre for some more boozing!!


Our 8.50am flight meant an early start after our boozy day!  I actually felt much better than expected although another couple of hours sleep wouldn’t have gone a miss!! We were home to the girls by 10.30 – it was lovely to see them and to get some bosies.  We took them out for lunch and went to pick up some bits from the shops before spending the afternoon at home playing and tidying up.


Storm Frank arrived with us and it was horrible…windy, wet and miserable so we spent the day hibernating at home!  I didn’t leave the house at all.  It was great to catch up on all of the housework and tidying.  I like to make sure the house is clean and tidy for starting the new year!


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