Pre-Christmas Fun


The usual cleaning, changing beds, washing routine took place in the morning followed by dropping the girls at nursery and the childminder which left me with a couple of free hours!  This is a rarity so I took the opportunity to put some rubbish to the tip and have a cup of tea in peace (very rock n roll I know 😂). I met a couple of the girls in the evening and we went for a wee run – it’s probably going to be my only chance this week so I took it!


Eva had her nursery Christmas party in the morning.  She had a great time and Santa even came for a visit!  She was too scared to go near him though…to be fair he looks quite scary and I totally get why children are unsure of the big red man!  Mya and I went to visit a friend who recently had a baby.  He is adorable and my friend is doing such a fab job of juggling 2 children!  I even got some new baby snuggles!

In the afternoon our antenatal friends came round for our annual Christmas get together!  It’s been ages since we’ve all been together so was really lovely to catch up and see all of the children playing together!  I gave all of the mummies a mini Christmas survival kit of prosecco, a mini chocolate Santa, a candy cane and 2 paracetamol!!  The kiddies always end up with so much that I thought it would be nice to treat the mummies for a change! 


We went to visit my granny in the morning to drop off pictures of the girls.  I had a beautician appointment afterwards and my sister watched the girls for me.  In the afternoon a friend and her little girl popped over for a catch up then we had a mad dash to Marks and Spencer to collect our Christmas food order!  It was manic but we got everything we went for.  

Thursday – Christmas Eve

Snowflake, our elf, went back to the North Pole and left behind a Christmas Eve box for the girls.  Eva was so excited to find it and the girls had lots of fun opening all of the things!  I love watching the delight on their faces when doing things like this!  The girls and I delivered some pressies and went to visit my auntie in the morning followed by a visit from nana and soup and cookie making!  


Olaf Cookies
  We went out for our annual family Christmas Eve lunch/dinner in the late afternoon.  It was lovely to spend time together as a family of 4 before the mayhem of Christmas Day.  
Family Lunch


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