Overview of 2015

It’s that time again to think about what we’ve got up to over the last 12 months and what a busy year it’s been!

We went on a number of holidays including Tenerife (February), Aviemore, Tenerife (July), Mijas, Edinburgh and Manchester!

I started the year on Maternity Leave, Left work in September, applied for a new job in December!!  I also started volunteering at the primary school. 

Eva turned 3 and started school nursery.  Mya turned 1!!

I started jogging in January, did my first 5k in March, took part in the Kilt Walk in June and Glack attack in October!  I also did my Jogscotland jog leader course so can now help lead groups!

We went to see Disney on ice, attended numerous birthday parties, went to see the circus, to the aquarium, visited doonies farm, went to landmark and saw Fun Box at the music hall!

Alan and I went to Pittodrie on 1st January, had our joint Headwetting for Mya, attended Gemma and Simon’s wedding, went to the Monymusk sportsman’s dinner, attended the first breakneck comedy ball, went to see Kevin Bridges, went to the Christmas comedy ball!! We’ve certainly been very sociable this year!!

I’ve gone to loads of afternoon tea’s with my girlfriends – Ardoe, Pittodrie House, Norwood, Eat on the Green to name a few!!  I’ve been to 2 spa day’s!!

We’ve had a couple of photo shoots too – the girls have had 2 on their own and we got family pictures taken at castle Fraser in August.
It’s been an awesome year with loads of fun, love and laughter…here’s to 2016!!


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