Our Christmas Day

Our day began just after 8am when Eva came through to our room, shortly after Mya woke up too!  I had jumped in the shower just before Eva came through so we got ourselves showered and things ‘relatively’ tidy upstairs before heading down to see if Santa had been!  

 I went down ahead of Alan and the girls so that I could record their reaction!  The girls were super excited and we spent around an hour opening their Santa pressies.  Mya got a little overwhelmed so we decided to have breakfast before starting on the pile under the tree.  Eva would have happily tore into everything as you can imagine!  After breakfast we went back and started on the pile under the tree…we were all spoilt rotten with loads of lovely gifts.  My mum, brother and sister appeared shortly after with another tonne of pressies so we opened these together followed by a wee trip to see Alan’s sister and her family!  My sister is a nurse so she had to work in the afternoon so I arranged some breakfast for us to have with her before she left!  Mya went for a nap and Alan, Eva and I went along to the local golf club for a couple of festive drinks.  We walked back just in time to sit down for lunch which my mum kindly made for us!  We enjoyed pate, prawns, soup, turkey and the trimmings, chocolate and raspberry torte and trifle…it was deeeelicious and we were stuffed!!

After tidying up on the kitchen we sat down in front of the tv for a while and the girls played with their toys.  My sister arrived back from work around 7 and she decided to stay the night so that she could have a couple of drinks with us.  We settled ourselves in the sitting room with drinks and a cheese platter and watched tv and played heads up!  It’s an app and it’s bloody hilarious!!

It was such a fantastic, relaxed day and we all really enjoyed it!!🎅🏼🎄 



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