Crowns, Christmas and crap sleeps 

Mya’s night time sleep has been horrendous lately.  She’s never been the best sleeper but recently she’s been waking numerous times during the night and doesn’t settle without a wee drop of milk.  It’s exhausting…any tips to get her through this are most welcome 😵😴.  I was out last night and she slept through from 8pm to 8am (yay!) – not going to get our hopes up but it’s a start.

Another manic Monday…full of cleaning, helping out at the school and running club.  It was our last week of the block so we met in the pub after for a few sociable festive drinks!  I can’t believe that we’ve already completed our first block and I’m really looking forward to continuing in the new year with (hopefully) a couple of runs between now and then!

I had the dentist on Tuesday to have my crown fitted and finalised.  Thankfully that’s me done with the dentist for a while now.  While my sister had the girls I also managed to pop to the shops to get a few more Christmas pressies bought so I’m finally getting through my list and only have a couple of vouchers and stocking fillers left to buy and I’ll be done!😊

On Wednesday Eva and I made Christmas themed chocolate bark and candy cane lollies.  They were really yummy and great fun to make.  In the afternoon my sister, Mya and I headed to Banchory garden centre for a look around and some lunch.  I love it at this time of year as its really festive and has some lovely bits.  I got my Christmas nails done later then Alan and I snuggled on the sofa and watched a film in the evening. This is pretty rare so it was really lovely!

Thursday was another busy one.  We headed to the last toddlers before Christmas in the morning then had a mad rush to nursery as I was helping out at a trip to see Artie’s tartan tales.  It’s the guy who did the Singing Kettle – it was really good and the kids all loved it!

I popped to Inverurie on Friday morning to blitz the last of the Christmas shopping.  That’s me basically done now apart from a couple of vouchers to collect.  Eva’s nursery concert was next on agenda.  The children all did a great job of singing their songs and Eva made me especially proud!   We had friends round in the evening for Chinese and drinks – we’ve not done it for ages so was great to catch up before the festive season gets more hectic! 

The girls and I enjoyed a lazy Saturday at home.  I headed out in the evening to celebrate a friends birthday – it was a fab evening of food, drinks and dancing.  My feet are aching today!

We had another quiet morning at home yesterday.  In the afternoon we supported daddy in a charity football tournament then had a cheeky McDonald’s for tea!🙈. I popped the girls to bed then headed to do our Tesco shop.  I’m so glad I did as it was super quiet and I got the majority of our Christmas good sorted!🤗🎄🎅🏼. Let the celebrations commence 


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