Stocking Fillers 

I thought I’d share with you what the girls are getting in their Christmas stockings this year…it might give you some inspiration if you’re struggling for ideas!  If also appreciate any ideas for Mya’s (1 year old) stocking as she’s hardly got anything!!


The girls’ stockings

I got the girls’ stockings from a company called Love Keep Create and they were made from Christmas outfits from previous years.  I absolutely love them as they are adorable and hold sentimental value for me!


 Eva’s stocking and fillers

  •  Elsa shoes (Tesco)
  • A kinder egg
  • A Minnie Mouse bauble (Home Bargains)
  • Frozen cup (Tesco)
  • My Little Pony (Tesco)
  • Frozen cutlery set (Tesco)
  • Princess bubble bath (Tesco)
  • Princess face cloth (Tesco)
  • Frozen bauble (Tesco)
  • Frozen chocolates (Poundland)
  • Hat (Tesco)
  • Sophia Set (Tesco)
  • Frozen Hair Clips (Tesco)
  • Frozen Wand (Tesco)
  • Toothbrush (Home Bargains)


Mya’s stocking and fillers

  • Toothbrush (Home Bargains)
  • Peppa Pig Cutlery set (Tesco)
  • Munchkin Bath Toys (Tesco)
  • Chocolate coins
  • Minnie Mouse bauble (Home Bargains)
  • Frozen Bubbles (Tesco)
  • Kinder egg
  • Buttons
  • Clips (Tesco)

And that’s the stockings!  Hope you’ve got some ideas…please comment with any ideas for me!😊


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