Our week

We had a super busy start to the week.  On Monday morning I did a quick change of the beds, followed by a whizz around aldi for our shopping, Eva went off to nursery, Mya to the childminder and I went to volunteer at one of the local schools!  I used to spend Monday’s catching up on cleaning etc but I just don’t seem to have the time now so it’s being split throughout the week!  We got home in the afternoon, I fed the girls then dashed out to my running group.  When I got home Alan headed straight out to football and I showered and wrapped some Christmas gifts!

Tuesday’s are also pretty hectic at the moment.  Pilates, toddlers, lunch, nursery, swimming, Christmas cracker crafts, tea, baths…it’s madness and I’m exhausted by the end of the day although I do enjoy being kept busy!

Thankfully Wednesday’s are much quieter.  We popped to Alan’s work in the morning to help out with a few things then Eva went to nursery and Mya and I had a quiet afternoon at home.  When Eva came home we had an afternoon of baking cupcakes and making tree decorations!  Eva is really into crafts just now and I greatly enjoy spending time with her making things.  

Thursday was spent getting festive. Eva went to the village hall to sing Christmas songs for an OAP group with nursery in the morning while Mya and I went to the toddler group Christmas party.  We all had a fab morning and the nursery nurses said that Eva sang really well and did all of the actions to their songs!😍. In the afternoon I took the girls to a local agricultural shop which puts on a great Christmas display to have a look around and to see Santa!  We had an awesome afternoon and Eva was delighted to get a pressie from Mr Claus himself!!  The staff at the shop were all fantastic and really got into the Christmas spirit which was lovely to see.

Eva had nursery on Friday morning and Mya and I headed to our last Storyland Express class.  The story this week was the nativity so it was lovely and festive!  My granny and auntie came to visit in the afternoon then we had a visit from Santa!!  Our local Roundtable group go around the local towns and villages at Christmas with Santa on his sleigh collecting money to be distributed to local charities and causes.  It only started coming to us last year but it’s lovely to see the slowing all lit up and to give a little something back.  

On Saturday we went along to Eva’s gymnastics Christmas show.  The children got to show us the things that they are learning and did a couple of circuits – it was really cute and I was super proud of Eva as she can be quite shy in front of lots of people.  After the show, we went for a play with some friends and then visited Santas grotto.  We’ve had such a lovely festive week.  I love getting out and about with the girls and doing lots of Christmassy things!

Eva had a birthday party yesterday at soft play so I took her there while daddy and Mya did some jobs at home.  Alan painted the bathroom and en suite in the afternoon and I did the shopping.  I love the freshly painted rooms – makes our house feel more homely and I can’t wait to do some more in the new year!


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