1st week of Christmas fun!

We started putting up our Christmas decorations on Sunday but I broke the tree stand in the process so I superglued it and hoped that would be it fixed!  On Monday we finished decorating the tree and it seemed to be sturdy and staying upright however when I left the room it toppled over!  I was gutted as it was looking pretty good but more devasting was the fact that my mums almost 50 year old decoration was a casualty of the topple!  Poor Santa was decapitated!😪

A sent me out to buy a new tree so eventually on Monday afternoon we had a fully functioning, safe tree!  Phew!  

Our elf, Snowflake arrived on Tuesday morning bearing gifts for the girls!  Eva was delighted and couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it!  It’s been freezing here so Mya and I hibernated at home on Tuesday while Eva was at nursery rather than attempting our swimming lesson.  He has been hiding out in different places each night.  So far he’s had a tea party with Elsa, hidden behind mirror, been noseying out the sitting room window and wrote a message with breakfast cereal!  

I had an interview for a Relief position this week too and was offered the job which I’m delighted about!  It’ll probably be aftercheistmas until I can start due to paperwork etc but it will be great to get out and about in different schools.  The head teacher that interviewed me was fab and offered me some experience in her school and gave me some tips for background reading and areas to try to get experience.

On Thursday we had an afternoon of Christmas crafts…we made paper plate Christmas plates and  toilet roll tube Santa and Rudolph! 

On Friday night A and I went to a Christmas ball.  It was lovely to get all dressed up and we had a fab night!  Saturday was pretty quiet as I was suffering from an awful hangover!  We popped to the school Christmas fayre which was nice and had a day in the house!

Today A is planning to decorate the en suite and the girls and I are taking my mum out for a fly cup to a local garden centre to see all of the Christmas things and we might try to see Santa.  

Lots going on here at the moment.  It’s such a busy time of year but I love all of the hustle and bustle!


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