It’s all about me!

Time is literally flying by at the moment…I feel like Monday arrives and then it’s the weekend before I know it!  We had Mya’s 1st birthday party last Sunday so Monday was a super lazy day spent recovering and tidying up after the mayhem!  I took the girls along to a mini photo session to get some up to date Christmas pictures taken.  They were both really good and I picked up the proofs yesterday and the photographer got some great shots for us!  

Eva was off nursery on Monday and Tuesday as it was in service days.  We didn’t get up to much on either of the days and it kind of put me off for the rest of the week!

Wednesday was Mya’s 1st birthday!  I felt quite emotional about it all but I wasn’t as bad as I expected!  She was well and truly spoilt with a tonne of pressies and lots of attention.  We spent the day at home playing with her new toys and people popped in and out to see her.  We had a wee tea party for tea and another cake for her too.  It was a lovely day 💕

I went along to a meeting at a local primary school on Wednesday too.  I’m going in this week to help out with the children and to gain some classroom experience for going ahead with the PGDE application at the start of the year which is really exciting!

I’m still enjoying running with the jogscotland group that I joined a while back.  I’ve been going along on a Monday and a friend and I have been heading out once more during the week.  Today I have been to a course to become a Jog Leader – to inspire and motivate others to take up jogging and to get more active!  So much excitement for me at the minute!

We had our first snow of the winter this weekend too!

Christmas shopping is well underway – the girls are pretty much sorted apart from stocking fillers, the food order is going in this week and I’m picking up bits and pieces for the family as I see them!  I got their first Christmas outfits made into stockings and they arrived this week – they are amazing and I can’t wait to hang them up.  I love this time of year and can’t wait for next weekend when the countdown will officially be ON!



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