Tootie’s 1st Birthday Party

This is a little late as last week was manic!  There was lots of party prep to be done and we caught up with loads of friends too!  

Mya still wasn’t feeling 100% – she’s had a horrible cough and has been really clingy which isn’t like her at all.  Thankfully she seems to be on the mend but it’s just that time of year where loads of things are going around.  

We had lots of catch ups with friends!  In Thursday we met 2 chums with their kiddies at a local playbarn for lunch and a play.  I love going to these places during these in school time as it’s super quiet and the girls can roam around freely and let off steam!  On Thursday evening I went round to a friends for some wine and they had a partylite candle rep there.  I love candles and bought some new winters fragrances to burn in my lantern!

Mya’s 1st birthday party was on Sunday so the end of the week was full on baking and preparing everything! On Friday I baked the cakes, made cupcakes and loads of sweet treats and A and I went to Costco in the evening to pick up the last of the fresh food! 

 Saturday was manic – Eva had gymnastics in the morning, then I decorated Mya’s cake before heading out to a birthday party at a soft play in Alford.  We came home and I made some more treats for Sunday then Alan and I headed out to a charity quiz night and my mum watched the girls!

 Sunday was busy, busy from start to finish.  We got up and filled our helium balloons, made sandwiches before making a dash to the hall where the party was being held!  It was great having all of the space but we had so much stuff to take to and from the hall (thank goodness for our helpers!!).  Mya had a ball at the party as did Eva and they were both spoilt rotten!  We had hired a bouncy castle, soft play equipment and one of our friends came along and made balloon animals for the kiddies!  It was lovely catching up with so many people at once!  The girls were shattered as were A and I!  Thank goodness birthdays only come round once a year! 



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