Lots of Halloween Fun & Frolics 

The schools went back on Monday after the 2 week October break.  Eva had been asking about nursery throughout the break and really looked forward to getting back to see her friends.  

Monday morning began with the usual cleaning ritual followed by dropping Eva at nursery and doing my first weekly food shop in Aldi.  I was pretty impressed and more so with the amount I saved!  In the evening I went along to the jogscotland group – we did 2 minutes walking, 2 minutes running this week which I found comfortable! I signed up to do the jogscotland leader course which will hopefully keep me motivated and I’d love to help get more people into running.  

Tuesday was a day of firsts for us as I attended my first Pilates class which I loved!  It gave me such a fab workout and I felt it for days!  Mya also had her first swimming lesson in the afternoon.  She really enjoyed it apart from when the teacher poured water on her head!!💦

Mya started to get unwell on Wednesday afternoon.  She was really clingy at teatime and didn’t eat anything.  I ended up popping her in the Tula so that I could get our tea organised and tidy up!

Mya and I popped to toddlers on Thursday morning but she wasn’t herself.  In the afternoon a friend came round with her little girl for coffee and a catch up.  Eva had loads of fun with Lucy and I enjoyed a good blether too!  Mya still wasn’t right – she was clinging, had a nasty cough, runny nose and generally was not herself. She had a pretty unsettled night which was hard for mummy!😵

Friday was spent mostly at home giving Mya bosies and keeping her cosy.  We popped to the shops briefly in the afternoon just to get out but nothing exciting!

Saturday – wow what a manic day!  It began with Eva’s gymnastic class followed by a birthday party followed by a Halloween party followed by flopping on the sofa with a glass of wine, some prosecco crisps and the X factor!

This morning we are off to another Halloween party with our antenatal chums followed by a family catch up at my aunties this afternoon!  Another busy day…


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