Jogging Progress October 

I’ve had a fairly busy and productive month exercise wise!  

I took part in a 5k muddy run at the start of the month called the Glack Attack. There were 5 of us in the team and we had so much fun and got very muddy!  It was hard going at times but I felt amazing when we finished!

I’ve continued to go along to our jogscotland group this month.  I love running with other people so this group has helped keep me motivated.  A friend and I have also been going out a second night during the week to help our fitness. I have signed up for a jog leader course too which I’m really excited about! It will mean that I can start up a beginners group myself which will be great fun!

There’s a local Pilates group on a Tuesday which you can take the kids along to so I’ve also been trying to go to it.  It’s great for toning and I’m enjoying the newness of it all. 

Finally I’ve got my Jawbone Up back on which is great for my motivation as it encourages me to move more and to make sure I’m getting enough sleep!!

Fingers crossed the motivation keeps up for November…


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