Christmas Wish List 

I always get asked closer to Christmas what I’d like and to be honest I can never think of anything at the time so this year I’ve been writing myself a wee wish list.  I’ve included some of the things I’d like below:

New Slippers – I hate having cold feet in the winter so desperately need a nice pair to keep my tootsies cosy!👣

Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume – I love this.  It was the perfume I wore on our wedding day and it holds so many memories for me!

Mercimaman Necklace – their stuff is just gorgeous!  I recommend looking at their website or Facebook page!💕

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch – I spotted this in a brochure and fell in love.  I ❤️ rose gold!

Baileys truffles – 2 of my favourite things rolled into 1…amazing!  These are only around at Christmas so I think I’ll tell everyone this is what is like!!!


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