October Favs 

I’ve not got an awful lot of things to share this month but I’ll update you with the couple I do love!

I came across the My 1st Years website this month and I love it!! There are loads of really lovely gift ideas and I could have spent a fortune on things for Eva and Mya! It’s definitely worth a peek especially with Christmas just around the corner!

 M & S  Berry and Prosecco Crisps – these are honestly amazing!  I wasn’t very sure about the idea of a ‘sweet’ crisp but they are soooo moreish!  They have a fizzy taste and the berries do come through – there are also really cute gold stars scattered through the crisps which is a nice touch!  I’m addicted so will be stocking up as they are a Christmas special!

Pilates – I started a Pilates class this month.  Before going along I watched a video on YouTube and can honestly say I wasn’t sure if it was for me.  I loved it – it was a lovely class and I really felt the effects after it! 

 When doing my weekly shop there was a deal on some character cake mix boxes so I bought a couple.  They’ve been a great way to get Eva more involved in baking – she can basically do these herself with a little help and she loves making and decorating the cakes!   A fab, fun activity to do with your pre schooler!


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