How I keep on top of the Housework!?

I’m a stay at home mum but I still have a daily struggle keeping on top of all of the housework etc.  I generally do most of my cleaning on a Monday.  As soon as I get up I strip all of the beds and put all of the washing downstairs to the utility room.  I then tend to clean upstairs – the bathrooms, hall and bedrooms all get done in one go if I get the time.  This often means leaving the girls to play for a while by themselves or having them upstairs in the bedrooms with me as I go.  I do sometimes feel guilty about this but if I get it all done in one go then I can spend the rest of the week concentrating on them rather than stressing about the house!  Downstairs is generally kept on top of throughout the week but I do tend to dust and mop the floors on a Monday too.

I try to keep on top of the cleaning but I don’t stress if I don’t do everything every week either.  It’s more important to spend quality time with the girls than it is to be stressing about dusting skirting boards etc so a lot of the mundane things like this are done as and when I see the dust!

I do a little every day when Mya is napping and Eva is at nursery but some days I just can’t be bothered and need some me time so do nothing!  After my manic Monday clean I do try to do bits and pieces throughout the week to keep things tidy and to keep on top of the bits that don’t get seen to all of the time.

Tidy as you go wherever possible.  This is easier said than done with children on the go!  I sometimes find myself tidying toy after toy after toy for the whole day which is pretty annoying so I’ve started trying to get the girls to help and leave the toys until tea time to pick up!  I try to keep on top of the kitchen etc though as I find it easier to tidy as I go.

Washing – I do at least 1 load every day, usually more and hang it to dry as soon as it’s done.  I fold and put it in piles to be put past usually when bath is running and try to iron it before pile becomes overwhelming!

That’s basically how I do it…any hints or tips from you guys would be fab 💦💐🚽🗑


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