The Dreaded Letter!

At the end of nursery the other day I got handed the letter I’ve been dreading…’there is head lice in your child’s class’!šŸ˜©. This has got to be one of my biggest concerns about Eva starting school – so much so that I make sure her hair is tied back every day.  I know it’s one of those things and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have dirty hair etc but it’s the whole getting rid of them and everything that goes with that!

I came home and read loads online about prevention and treatment and the best ways to check your child’s hair so I thought I’d share some of these tips with you.

  • Tea tree is apparently great for preventing them, I’ve bought a tea tree shampoo and conditioner to use on Eva’s hair for going to school.  There was also a couple of tips that said to make a spray using tea tree oil and water to spritz on your child’s head before school.  I’ve not done this as yet but if I need to in the future this is certainly something I will try!
  • I was also told to use a leave in conditioner as this can help to prevent lice attaching to the hair.
  • Finally keep long hair tied back (buns or plaits are best as there is less surface for the lice to attach to), use clips and a little hairspray to keep stray hairs back if needed.  
  • It’s recommended that you check your child’s hair at least once a week (more if lice are on the go) by combing conditioner through the hair, sectioning and using a specific lice comb to check for lice or eggs.  Comb through the hair and wipe onto a tissue checking and then rinse the comb before doing next section. The eggs are tiny yellow, tan or brown dots (similar to dandruff but they can’t be removed by brushing).  It is more common to find eggs than actual lice as they are very fast and small.  If lice or eggs are found it is recommended that you get a medicated treatment to help kill them – these are available from supermarkets and chemists.

I know it’s just one of those things, but it’s best to be prepared and to have the knowledge to deal with these things as they crop up.  Most importantly, although this can be an embarrassing problem, don’t let your child be upset about it…its easily treated and isn’t dangerous.  

Let’s hope we don’t have to deal with this too much over the coming years at school…if anyone has any other tips please feel free to leave a comment šŸ’•


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