Our week

The week didn’t get off to the most productive start as we ended up having some impromptu drinks on Sunday night which meant I really struggled to get out of bed on Monday!  It looks really bad as these last few weeks have included a lot of drinks and wine – everything seems to come at the same time!  Thankfully this week has been a bit quieter!

I spent the rest of Monday cleaning, cleaning and doing more cleaning so the unproductive start turned very productive!  In the evening I went along to my 3rd week of jogscotland – it feels so good when I’ve done it and I can’t wait to progress further and to get out more as a group.

Tuesday was fairly busy.  I took the girls along to the toddler group in the morning then I had a dentist check up so the girls went off with my mum for a couple of hours.  I came back from the dentist and had a spare hour so I decided to head out for a run – it was hard going but I felt much better for it after!  I also managed to get through the ironing pile before the girls came back!  I made minestrone soup and orange baked chicken on Tuesday too – the soup was a hit but the chicken not so much!  Let’s just say we’ll not be having it again!!

We had a play date with a good friend and her wee girl on Wednesday morning.  It’s been ages since we’ve caught up so it was lovely to spend the morning with them.  Eva baked some frozen cakes for our fly cup which were yummy!  In the afternoon we headed out to the park as it was a lovely day!   

 We headed to toddlers on Thursday morning followed by a visit to my sister in hospital (she was back in, got home and has since been re admitted!). At night I met one of my chums and we ran a 5k around the village – it’s so much easier when you are with someone!

Friday brought another play date.  This time it was with some mummy chums and their wee ones!  We had lunch together then a play at the park – the girls loved seeing each other and playing together!  I also went for a look around our local aldi.  So many of the bloggers and vloggers that I follow rave about Aldi but I haven’t had a chance to go in for a proper rummage so I did this on Friday.  I was pretty impressed so think I’ll try it for our shop next week. We took out the play dough for a while in the afternoon and had some quiet time at home.

We had no plans for Saturday but A’s football ended up being cancelled so we popped out for a fancy piece at the garden centre 😍. We bought some Christmas decorations and my new candle lantern which I totally love!  In the evening a friend came round and we had a few bottles of wine together and a catch up.  A headed off to Manchester in the early hours so the girls and I had a free day on Sunday.  

  We had a super lazy morning followed by a quick visit to my sister in hospital.  I popped to the shops on the way home as I wanted to pick up a Halloween outfit for Mya and some candles for my new lantern! 

Back to normal tomorrow as Eva is back to nursery after the October hols and we’re on the countdown to Christmas 🤗💕


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