Coping with a teething bubba 

I don’t ever remember Eva being that bothered by teething however Mya has been a completely different kettle of fish!  Over the last month or so she has gone through phases of being completely out of sorts by the whole teething process.  It must be sooo painful for the wee toots as the tooth breaks through the gum so here are my top tips to help your baby through teething:

  • Lots of cuddles – Mya is much more settled when she is being bosied so we’ve done just that to help comfort her.
  • Calpol and Calprofen – when she appears to be in a lot of pain and she is unsettled we’ve alternated between Calpol and Calprofen to help ease it for her.  It really seems to help and allows her to get a settled sleep for a while.
  • Nelson’s Teething powders and Teething Gel – these seem to give some sort of instant relief and have been a lifesaver for us.
  • I didn’t use these with the girls but I’ve heard great things about amber teething bracelets too.
  • Cold foods such as refrigerated or frozen fruits/vegetables or ice pops help to soothe hot, sore gums.
  • Lots of bibs to help keep their drooly chin dry also help especially in the cold months as it saves them getting rashes around their mouths from being constantly drooled on!
  • Mya loved chewing on her toothbrush too so we let her a play with her it – I think the soft bristles must have helped ease the pain.

I hope those tips help some of you along the teething journal, please comment if you have any other tips to share 💕


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