Mya’s 11 month update

11 months old today – it’s amazing to think that this time last year we were waiting (rather impatiently!) for your arrival!  I couldn’t imagine life without you now – you have to be one of the happiest, smiliest babies I know and we are so proud of you!


Mya is pulling herself up on anything and everything now.  I really do need eyes on the back of my head!đź‘€ She continues to commando crawl everywhere and is going at some speed!  She’s regularly found shuffling between the kitchen, playroom and sitting room!  Mya is so content and can often be found say playing with a wee pile of toys amusing herself happily!

She’s also started waving now randomly when she sees people or when anyone is leaving – it’s so cute!  

If I ask for a kiss she will open her mouth and come towards my face now too!đź’•

She’s been teething like a wee trooper lately and now has 6 teeth popping through – 4 on top and 2 on the bottom.

I don’t think we have any new words this month as she’s been concentrating on getting about much more lately!


While on holiday last month, Mya started blowing raspberries with every mouthful of food we gave her so i decided to dump the purees and have basically started giving her whatever we are eating and cutting it into small chunks so that she can feed herself.  This has been really successful and she seems to be really enjoying mealtimes.  She continues to have water out of her sippy cup throughout the day and has a bottle of Aptimal in the morning and evening.  Mya does drink cows milk if we give her some with her breakfast etc so I don’t plan to buy anymore Aptimal after this last tub is finished and she’s hopefully take well to cows milk in its place.


When we came back from our holiday in September, Mya was sleeping really well, mostly 6.30/7pm to 6/7am.  This lasted for a good few weeks and I finally felt like we were getting somewhere again!  However her teeth have been really bothering her for the last week or so and she’s been more unsettled again – I’m hoping it’s just a wee phase!

She’s still taking 2 naps a day if our schedule permits but she can happily get through the day with one nap if we’re out and about.  


She’s taken a real love for Eva’s dolls recently so it’s on our birthday gift list for her!  

Mya has also become a real daddy’s girl – he gets the most amazing reaction when he enters the room and she regularly cries when he leaves now!  Their bond is amazing and makes me super proud!  Her love for Eva also continues – they adore each other and I love watching them together.

We took Mya swimming this week and she loved the water – she starts water confidence classes after the holidays so hopefully her love of the water will continue!đź’¦

Think that’s all for this month!  A wee advance warning…I’m likely to be an emotional wreck next month! 1 year old…really!!đź’•


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