Edinburgh & Girly Catch Ups

We had a fab few days away this week to Edinburgh – it was lovely to get away for a few days and to spend time together just the 4 of us.  We left on Tuesday which meant Monday was spent at home tidying and getting packed ready for our wee adventure!  Eva made us some peppa pig cookies to pass the afternoon and A and I went to see Kevin Bridges at night.  The show was amazing – he is hilarious!

On Tuesday morning I took the girls to toddlers to try to tire them out so that they’d have a nap on the journey to edinburgh.  It backfired a little as Mya was overtired by the time we left and between that and her poor teething mouth she had an awful journey and screamed most of the way!  I was ready for a large wine when we arrived!  We ate dinner in the hotel restaurant and had an early night to prepare for our big day on Wednesday.  Mya had an awful night – she never settles well when we are away from home and she was up and down all night.  The poor mite has been having a horrible time with all of her teeth appearing at the same time.  

We were up and organised bright and early on Wednesday and headed straight for the zoo!  I thought I had booked a hotel next to the zoo but turns out I booked the wrong one!!  Oops!  We spent the morning and early afternoon at the zoo spotting all of the animals.  Eva loves animals and had a great time looking for all the different ones – her favourite were the monkeys!  We then decided to head into Princes Street for a look around the shops and to have a few drinks.  We had a walk around and ended up at the castle which is stunning!  It was getting late so we decided to leave going inside and headed for the grassmarket.  Eva loves a tantrum at the moment so we had a few meltdowns along the way – both A and I were really starting to feel it so we gave in and let her have a wee nap after our busy morning.  We made the most of both girls napping by finding a quiet pub at the grass market and enjoyed a few drinks together!  When the girls woke up we headed back to the hotel for dinner and retired to our room to watch the soaps!  We had another awful night with Mya so were pretty tired on Thursday!

We had breakfast and headed home with the intention of stopping at Dundee for a swim however both girls were fast asleep so we carried on to Aberdeen and had a swim there instead.  The girls had a fab time in the pool.  Eva is becoming much more confident in the water and Mya loves to splash around (I hope this continues at her swimming lessons after the hols!).

On Friday night I was let loose again!  I headed over to a friends for some fizz and nibbles.  The usual happened and a couple of people dropped out last minute but we had a fab time and enjoyed catching up without the kids in tow!  

Mya had another unsettled night on Friday so I was shattered on Saturday.  A took Eva to work in the morning and Mya and I napped to try to catch up on some sleep!  After lunch the girls and I headed out for a walk around the river and for a play at the park – it was such a lovely day again – this weather is fantastic!  We then made some microwave chocolate fudge which was a delicious treat (I’ve written another post about this!).

Today I’m meeting some girl friends to catch up over afternoon tea.  We ❤️ going for afternoon tea and have been to loads but today we’re going back to where we had our first one to see if it’s as good as we remembered!  We’re then meeting some friends for dinner at the local golf club so a day of eating and drinking is on the cards!!💕


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