How we get out before lunchtime…

Eva has recently started school nursery and goes in at 8.45am 2 days a week and has gymnastics at 9.45am on a Saturday morning so I’m finding that I have to be pretty organised to get to these places on time.  My top tips for getting out of the house before lunchtime are:

  • Pack your changing bag the night before.  Keep as much stuff in there as possible and keep it stocked up so you only have to add extra bits for specific days!
  • Look out clothes, shoes, jackets, bags etc in the evening for morning so you don’t have to worry about outfits in the morning.
  • Get up before the kids to shower – it’s peaceful, less stressful and much easier!
  • Don’t stress about leaving the house in pristine condition – I used to really get myself worked up if the beds weren’t all made and all of the washing taken down, the dishes put in dishwasher and kitchen and sitting room left neat and tidy but I’ve taken a step back and don’t stress if everything isn’t done…there’s always later.
  • If you have more than one child, teach your eldest to be more independent.  I have taught Eva how to dress herself so that she takes care of putting her clothes on while I see to Mya.  We sometimes have a race to see who can get ready quickest which both girls love!

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