Discipline – what we do

I thought I’d share with you some of the techniques we’ve adopted to help Eva with her behaviour/any issues that arise.  

  • Star chart

We have recently adopted this method and it seems to be working for us.  I bought a chart from the local post office and have laminated it so that we can use it over and over.  On a weekly basis we change the things that Eva needs to work on to achieve her stars for the day/week.  These usually include things like using her manners, sharing, keeping her pants dry etc but they can be changed to include anything that we feel she needs a wee push with.  If she achieves all of her stars for a day we will give her a wee treat – usually something like we’ll take her to the park or she’ll get a biscuit before bed etc.  If she achieves all of her stars for a week we’ll get her something slightly more significant (agreed at start and doesn’t have to cost a lot eg a trip to the beach!).  

  • Count to 3…2 chances 

If Eva is doing something that she shouldn’t be doing I give her 2 options – one attractive and one inattractive to her(eg stop hitting or go to the step).  If she continues to do it I will let her know that I’m going to count  to 3 and if she hasn’t stopped then she will face the unattractive option.  This usually works.  By giving her a choice she feels more in control and is more likely to stop the naughty behaviour.

  • Naughty step/Time out

This tends to be a last resort but we have used it!  If Eva continues to do something I’ve asked her not to I will put her to time out.  I take her to the bottom step, explain what she has down wrong and make it clear that I’m not happy with whatever it is.  After completing her time I will explain why she was there and ask her to apologise (to me or whoever she has upset) and we then carry on with our day and forget about it.  I’ve found that it’s worked for us but it may not be for everyone.

If anyone has any other suggestions for me feel free to comment. đź’•


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