Lazy Days & Muddy Fun

We’ve had a pretty boring, nothing out of the ordinary, lazy week (well until the weekend)!! I’m struggling to get any motivation with the driech weather we’ve been experiencing so it’s been a stay cosy indoors kind of week!

On a more energetic note I went along to the second week of the jogscotland group that I recently joined!  I’m really enjoying running with a group of people rather than on my own and can’t wait to see progress being made!

By Wednesday Mya and I were fed up of staying home so we braved the weather and popped to our local Home Bargains for some tattie holiday craft/Halloween/birthday party/Christmas inspiration!  We got Eva a costume for her Halloween parties and some Christmas bunting!😊

Thankfully the weather was much brighter at the end of the week.  On Thursday I attended a family funeral – it was a sad occassion but was lovely to catch up with family that we don’t see very often.  

Saturday was pretty hectic – I took part in the Glack Attack – a 5k run containing 25 muddy obstacles along the way!  There were 5 of us in our team and it was such a good day – so many laughs and so messy!!  And the best bit…we finished the full course attempting all obstacles along the way!!  I took the girls along to the park in the afternoon as I felt guilty leaving them for the best part of the day.

We had a family day today. A wanted to have a look for a new car so we did that first then headed to TGI’s for lunch followed by some ten pin bowling and fun at the carnival.  It was such a lovely day spending time together as a family.

The school holidays have now begun here so I’ll need to get my thinking cap on for ways to keep Eva entertained for the next 2 weeks…feel free to comment if you have any suggestions for me!🎃


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