Making the most of the sunny days ☀️


I had the pleasure of meeting Eva’s nursery nurses’ for a settling in report today.  She’s settled in very well and has made loads of wee friends!  I’m sooo proud of her and can tell she has fun by the excited chatter when I pick her up!

In the evening I went along to my first jogscotland group.  It was a  nice easy start to the 10 week block. I am hoping it picks up pace and starts to challenge me a bit more soon.  I’m aiming to be able to run a 10k (although it won’t be after this 10 week block as its a beginners programme!)


We headed along to Toddlers in the morning.  As I’ve said before the girls love the company.  Talk was all about Christmass with a fundraising photo session being available to the families attending and the Christmas party dates both for the kiddies and the mummies were released!! ❤️ the Christmas countdown!

The weather here is fab at the moment so we went for a lovely walk and to the park in the afternoon.  It’s so refreshing being able to get out and about without having to layer up!

I kept up my jogging motivation from last night by going for a wee run when the girls went down to bed.  


I spent this morning clearing out and filing paperwork that was lying around and driving me slughtly insane!  It’s a boring job but it feels much better now that it’s done.  We popped Eva to nursery and went on a few errands and picked up some birthday pressies that we need for the weekend.  Another sunny day meant that we took a walk to collect Eva and the girls played in park until tea time!

I’ve been feeling a bit run down this week and have had a cold which has resulted in ear infection and stye so feeling a bit sorry for myself.  Hopefully it starts to clear up soon 😷

We received some sad news today that my granda’s partner passed away suddenly in the morning and then my sister was taken into hospital with stomach pains. 


Mya and I enjoyed our usual Thursday morning at Storyland Express followed by a scone and tea!

After picking Eva up from nursery we went home for lunch and she baked some frozen cakes.  We continued our creativity by making a glitter calming jar for the girls – I’ve seen loads of these on Facebook and Pinterest and having been meaning to make one for ages.  I think we’ll use it at timeout to help calm Eva down if she’s having a meltdown. 

Eva had been asking all week if we could go for a walk up our local mini hill – the viewpoint so we did that before tea!  It’s beautiful at the top with amazing views of the surrounding area and we made a mini adventure out of it looking at all the autumn changes happening around us.

After teatime I popped to visit my sister in hospital with my mum.  They are still doing tests trying to work out where the pain is coming from.


We stayed at the park after nursery on Friday as the sun was shining yet again!  The girls ran around for ages before heading home for a spot of lunch.

After Mya’s nap we went for a walk to the shop and for a play in the ‘big’ park – we were there until teatime so it was home for tea, bath,bed and wine!!!


We had a busy day planned for today.  It started with Eva’s Gymnastics class in the morning followed by a quick change before heading straight to Sophie’s bowling birthday party.  Eva had great fun bowling with all the ‘big’ girls.  We headed straight from the party to hospital to visit my sister who’s still in – we thought the girls might cheer her up.

A was out in the evening so I enjoyed a chilled night in front of tv.


It’s another beautiful day here so I’m thinking we might head to the beach for a walk and an ice cream – got to make the most of these nice days while they last 💕


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