Eva’s Memory Blanket

I had saved loads of Eva’s ‘special’ baby clothes in a box that was packed at the top of her wardrobe.  I had always wanted to do something with these special items but wasnt very sure what…until I came across the Love Keep Create page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/lovekeepcreate).  They make your baby clothes (or other special items) into stuffed toys, blankets, cushions etc.  I absolutely loved the idea so decided to have a blanket made out of Eva’s clothes.  I placed my order on the website then had to send a package with all of the things I wanted included in the blanket to LKC HQ.  It took 8 weeks exactly from the day I placed the order to the day I received the blanket back.  I am THRILLED with the finished result.  It has been beautifully made and they used all of the outfits which I included.  The outside and backing is made from a lovely, soft, cream fleece material.  I am planning to save the blanket to give to Eva when she is bit older and will appreciate it a bit more but I love it and think I’ll probably take it out a lot to reminisce!  I can’t wait to send away Mya’s outfits now to get a blanket for her but first I’m going to send their 1st christmas outfits to be made into stockings which can be used every Christmas!  It’s a fantastic idea and well worth a look on the website!



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