My favs – September 

It’s that time again!  I really don’t know where September went and I’ve not got a great deal to share with you this month, sorry guys!  My favs are below – I love reading about everyone else’s favs so if you’ve got anything you think I might like, please leave a comment

For the girls

  • Autumn jackets – I got a beautiful pale pink fleecy military style jacket for Mya from next.  It’s so cosy and I can’t wait for her to get the use of it.  It was really chilly here at the start of the month but the last few days have been lovely and it’s been fairly warm.  She’s had it in a few times now but it’s away again at the moment, hopefully for a week or so but we’ll see!
  • Braun Thermoscam Ear Thermometer – I’ve never fussed about getting a fancy thermometer before but Mya was a bit under the weather at the start of the month and it was such a faff trying to get a reading with our old thermometer.  My sister is a nurse and she advised that we invest in one of these as it will be useful for years and years to come.   We popped to Costco the other week and I saw them there so decided just to pick one up (I think it was about £25 so not overly expensive).

For the house

  • Tesco Oxi Power Stain Remover – this is a spray stain remover.  It’s cheaper than Vanish etc but works a treat on the girls clothes.  Mya quite often has food stains all over her outfits by the end of the day but this stuff seems to take anything out – highly recommended!
  • Nutri Ninja – another Costco purchase!  I love this – it makes amazing smoothies and is so easy to keep clean.

For me

  • Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit daily scrub – I love the fresh smell of this scrub, it’s delicious!  The scrub has a light texture and my skin feels really clean after I use it.


  • I’m loving seeing all of the christmas things appearing in the shops (don’t hate me!).  I like to be organised so it means I can start to pick things up as I see them to avoid a mad rush in December!
  • Also a final one I’ve just come across the Not on the High Street website and I love it – loads of lovely house and gift ideas!💕

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