Drawing, Dancing & Date Night 

We arrived back from our holiday on Saturday afternoon.  I got stuck into the mountain of washing and headed to do our weekly shop as the cupboards were bare!  We got the girls straight back into their usual routine and popped them to bed at 7pm before rounding off our holiday with a Chinese takeaway and a couple of glasses of rose!

My brother was 18 when we were away so I arranged a wee family get together for Sunday afternoon.  I spent the morning preparing food etc and then we enjoyed a fab afternoon with the family eating cake and nibbles!  I felt exhausted at night so went for an early night which really did me the power of good!

Monday seen us get back to usual with Eva starting back to nursery after her week off.  We spent the morning at home doing the usual pottering then after dropping Eva at nursery I took my sister to collect her brand new shiny car!  In the evening I popped out to join a new local jogging group which is starting – I can’t wait to get started next week and I’m really hoping that this will get me motivated to keep going and increase my distance!

We headed to our toddler group on Tuesday morning followed by a quick lunch before the nursery drop off.  Mya and I enjoyed a quiet afternoon playing at home and we had a quick play at the park after picking Eva up.  

Eva and I did some crafts on Wednesday morning whilst Mya napped.  We painted and made some cotton wool pictures.  Eva loves crafty things, she then asked to have the playdough so we made shapes and Eva named them all for me.  She’s coming on so much and makes me so proud when I hear all the new things she’s learning.  Mya is still having some trouble with her teeth so she was a bit grumpy in the afternoon and refused to nap (the joys!)…I decided to take her out in the buggy for a walk to see if this would calm her down and she finally dozed off but woke up as soon as we got to the school.  We had loads of yummy cakes and some juice as part of a Macmillan fundraising coffee morning that the nursery organised.  A quick stop off at the park was interrupted by Eva having a tantrum so we headed home a bit earlier than usual!  The joys!!

Thursday seen us do the usual nursery drop off followed by Mya and I going storyland express and rounding the morning off with tea and (more) yummy cake!!  (Diet definitely starts next week 🙈).  I really lacked any motivation in the afternoon and just sat around for ages not knowing where to start!  I eventually decided to have a wee clear out of toys to make some space in the toy room – loads of bits went on a local buy/sell Facebook site and the money will go into the girls’ bankies!

Friday was a quiet day at home.  A friend popped over with her wee boy late afternoon for a play and a catch up and we had a relaxing evening in front of the tv with a markies meal deal for 2!

Saturday started with the usual mad rush to gymnastics.  It was a lovely day so we headed straight home after and I got stuck into painting the front fence – got half of it done so hoping to get the rest finished next week.   I then decided it would be a good idea to attempt a bath while the girls played on the bathroom floor…not in the least bit relaxing so I don’t recommend it 😂!!  It was a slightly stressful day – Eva has started having little accidents again and I’m not sure why…don’t know how to deal with this and find it really hard going.  I got through the day thinking about our ‘date night’ and by dancing the stress away at our afternoon disco/karaoke!  It was great fun – dancing and singing around the kitchen!  A and I headed out to our favourite restaurant in the evening while my sister sat with the girls.  We had an amazing meal then headed to the local pub for a few drinks.

I woke up feeling rather under the weather this morning 😷. It was self inflicted so I just had to get up and deal with it.  We popped across to Costco for some things and even started our Christmas shopping!😀🎄. I had to give in and nap with Mya when we got home while A and Eva cut the grass…i made up for my laziness by making a roast dinner though!!  The rest of the day will be spent being lazy at home and playing with the girls!💕


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