Mya’s 10 month update

It’s scary how quickly Mya’s first birthday is creeping round.  The months have flown by and I’m loving being at home with my 2 girls.  Mya continues to be a happy easygoing little girl although she’s been having a bit of a hard time with teething this month.  Her 1st 2 teeth came through together on the bottom and at least 1 of the top ones are just waiting to pop through.  She’s been fairly unsettled with them at times but I’m hoping it’s starting to pass.  Mya’s personality is really shining through now – she’s a wee whirlwind and is very vocal.  I think we’ll have our hands full when she’s properly on the move!


Mya isn’t crawling yet but she can certainly get to where she wants to be…she’s a bum shuffler!  She starting to pull herself up on things too.  I’m not sure I’m ready for her to be on the go – for me, it means she’s no longer a baby!😥  she continues to chatter away saying mama, dada, tata and hiya along with a lot of babble!  She’s a noisy wee toot and likes to be heard!

We’re currently mastering blowing a kiss!


Her relationship with her sister continues to amaze me however as Mya is becoming more strong willed, the battles are already beginning!  I think we have some ‘fun’ times to come!!


Mya still loves the first stage Ella’s kitchen pouches however she is eating more and more of what we do and is enjoying a variety of finger foods.  She’s down to 2 bottles of formula – 1 in the morning and 1 before bed.  She’s started feeding herself with the bottle which is really cute but sad at the same time.  During the day she has water or milk from a sippy cup.  


Sleep hasn’t been great this month mainly due to teething but we’re hoping to get back on track after our holiday.  She’s generally taking 2 naps a day and is going down to bed between 6.30 and 7pm.  She has been waking quite a lot during the night and has been unsettled but bosies and milk have helped.  I don’t deal with lack of sleep well but feel so sorry for her when she’s in pain. 


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