Confession time (again!)

I have been spending far too much time online and on social media recently when I should be doing things with girls.  I’ve seen this happening but haven’t done anything about it however I’ve decided that now we’re back from our holiday I’m going to sort it out.  My plan is to have set times during the day that I can look at my phone/online etc like when the girls are in bed/at nursery but not interrupting our time together.  I think it will do me good to significantly reduce the time I spend looking at these things and it will increase the quality of time I spend with them which is really important to me.  I often find myself asking Eva to wait a minute or go play when I’m online or doing something and it’s not the mummy I want to be.  So from today I’m only going online when Mya is napping and when Eva is at nursery/busy with other things and I’m not going to ask them to wait…wish me luck!đź’•


One thought on “Confession time (again!)

  1. I think we are soul sisters, I have literally just written this post in different words. I know it is the world we live in, but lets keep strong and wait it out for nap times. Loved reading this as I feel not so alone. So glad I found your blog xx


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