Teething, Toddlers and Tractors 

Ah Monday morning started with me discovering Mya’s first 2 teeth had popped through!  We’ve waited 9 and a half months for this so it was a really exciting find from mummy!!  She’s been a bit more unsettled this last week so hopefully she’s back to her usual happy go lucky self now that they’ve appeared!  We had to do the usual food shop in the morning followed by Eva’s afternoon at nursery.  Mya and I went out for a walk and collected Eva from nursery then we headed to the park for a play as it was such a lovely day! When we got back we went out in the garden for a while too – we’re really trying to make the most of any good days at the moment as I can see autumn approaching fast now 😕

I decided to give Toddlers a go again on Tuesday morning.  The girls love going to play with their friends and it’s nice to catch up with the mummies too.  It was a quick turnaround then straight back out for nursery.  Mya had a lovely long nap and I caught up with the last of the playgroup paperwork as I resigned from the post at the AGM on Monday night.  We headed to the park for a wee play after nursery then home for a quick tea and I had a meeting about the post grad course that I’m hoping to start next year.  

We’re off on holiday on Saturday morning so Wednesday was mostly spent cleaning and getting the house in order.  Eva baked some cakes in the morning while I pottered around in the kitchen cleaning and tidying.  She had a visit from a Nurse at nursery in the afternoon which she really enjoyed.  They got to dress up as a nurse, doctor or patient and bring along a teddy to treat…hers came home with a bandaged leg!  Mya was really grumpy in the afternoon and refused to nap in her cot so I took her out in the buggy – she got half an hour while Eva played at the park.  It was really cold but we wrapped up and made the most of the dry afternoon!  In the evening I baked a giant cupcake for my mums birthday on Friday but as we’re away on holiday we gave it to her on Thursday evening!

Eva had nursery on Thursday morning  and was excited to see a real life tractor there!  Mya and I went to our usual class followed by a quick fly cup then a couple of shops and back for Eva!  It was a lovely morning – I’m really enjoying having some alone time with Mya while Eva is at nursery.  We decorated my mums cake in the afternoon then Eva watched some tv and I put my feet up after an awful night with Mya.  In the evening I went out for some pre holiday pampering and got my nails and toes nails done!💅🏼. It was lovely to have some ‘me’ time which is a rarity these days!

Friday morning Eva headed to nursery while Mya and I ran some errands.  I then attempted to finish the packing and pre holiday house cleaning!  It turned into a lovely day so we played at the park for a good while after nursery before having a quiet afternoon.  Mya’s sleepless nights have really caught up with me and I’m feeling drained.  I’m hoping the heat on holiday helps her to sleep a bit better!!

We’re leaving early tomorrow morning so I’m posting this weeks update a bit earlier than usual.  Well hopefully get some wifi when we’re away so that I can do an update but if not catch you all next week 💕


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