Baby Autumn Style – Coat

The temperature has really dropped here in the last week so I decided it was time to get ourselves kitted out for autumn.  I’m delighted with Mya’s jacket and hats so I thought I’d let you all see!  It’ll come as no surprise that I bought them from Next (those of you that follow my blog will know that I’m a big fan!).

The hats are just adorable – one is cream with a cute bow detail and the other is pale pink.  We’ll get loads of use out of these as I bought them in 12-18 months (Mya has a fairly big head, in fact both girls do) as o thought they’d be cosier and last better!  They were £11 for the 2 which is great value.

The coat is a lovely shade of pink and is made of fleecy material.  It’s not overly thick, which I like as Mya will generally be in her buggy in cosy toes or in the car, but will be cosy enough especially for autumn time.  It cost £12.50 so again really good value for money.  I bought it in 9-12 months but find coats last a bit longer anyway…can’t wait to give it a go now!😊


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