Pinteresting, Planning & Playing 

Some days being a mummy is super hard and other days there’s not a thing in the world that comes close – thankfully the good days far outweigh the bad ones.  However when you’re in the midst of a bad one it feels never ending!!  Eva is going through a tough ‘threenager’ phase so it can go from really good to melt down in seconds!  We have started a star chart to try to encourage good behaviour and to remind her about using her manners etc – it seems to be working so fingers crossed!!  We’ve not been up to a great deal this week – Mya and I are still trying to work out our routine while Eva’s at nursery and the weather has been pretty awful!  Mya is also teething which has been hard going at times as she’s not been sleeping so well again 😵

Monday’s we have been tending to stay home and get on top of the cleaning and doing the food shop!  It’s not overly exciting for the girls but it gives them a chance to play with their toys at home.

We decided to give toddlers a miss on Tuesday as Eva has been really tired after nursery so instead we played at home before nursery in the afternoon.  

On Wednesday morning we headed to a local soft play in the morning then Eva had nursery again in the afternoon.  I’m struggling a bit with thinking of things to do in the mornings before Eva goes to nursery as we don’t have a great deal of time .  If anyone has has any suggestions please leave them in the comments!👍🏼😊 Eva went to my granny’s for tea with my sister on Wednesday night – she loves going and gets spoilt rotten!

On a Thursday, nursery is in the morning and Mya and I have a class at the same time.  We also met some friends for a coffee and cake which was fab.  Eva got a haircut in the afternoon!💇🏼

Again nursery is in the morning on a Friday so Mya and I spent the morning at home.  Mya is such an easygoing baby but if we’re at home she’ll have a long morning nap which means she will have a shorter one in the afternoon so that the 3 of us can do things together.  We did some crafts in the afternoon – making cards for some birthdays that are coming up and a thank you card!  Eva loves gluing and sticking!!  On Friday night we had friends over for dinner – it was lovely to catch up and have a few drinks together. 

Eva has gymnastics on a Saturday morning so we headed there and Mya and I enjoyed more tea and cake!  We ran some errands on the way home and then spent the afternoon playing.  A’s mum came for tea and then watched the girls while A and I headed out to meet some friends for birthday drinks.

Sunday was a fab day!  I met my girl friends for an early afternoon tea which was delicious.  We then took Eva ten pin bowling and went to our favourite restaurant for tea – it was so lovely spending the day together!

I’ve done a fair bit of planning this week so although the girls and I haven’t been up to much I have been fairly busy!! I started planning Mya’s first birthday party this week (lots of pinteresting!!) and I’ve also started thinking about Christmas pressies.  I really want to get organised and be on top of everything.  

We’re off on holiday next week so I’ve also been starting to gather our bits together for that.  I’m also hoping to go back to uni at the start of next year to do a post grad so I’ve been doing some work for that too!!  Pretty hectic here at the moment but that’s how I like it 💕


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