Birthdays, Baking & Boozing 

Monday was Eva’s first full session at nursery so Mya and I got to spend some quality time together playing.  She is so much fun at the moment and has perfected the most adorable giggle in the last few days!  We played lots of tickling games and sang songs which she loves!

On Tuesday morning we went along to our toddler group to catch up with some mummy friends.  It was a mad rush home for lunch before heading straight to nursery!  Eva seems to be really enjoying it so far – Mya and I are still working out what to do with our time together though!!

Wednesday was pretty quiet but we made it out for a walk and a play at the park then we baked some cakes. Eva loves baking as she gets to lick the bowl!  I have to say this is one of the reasons that I love baking so much!!😜

On Thursday Eva went to nursery in the morning and Mya and I went to our first baby class together.  She loves being around other kids and it was really refreshing to have only 1 of the girls with me.  My sister visited after lunch and she’d made me a fab birthday cake – it was delicious!  In the evening we went into town for tea and a look around the shops – it was so nice spending the evening together as a family.  I was totally spoilt and got a new Michael Kors handbag and a bottle of my fav perfume from A and the girls.  

Friday – we met my auntie for lunch and a look around the shops then Eva went off with my sister for a bit so Mya and I had a quiet afternoon together.

Saturday morning started with gymnastics class!  Eva really enjoys it then we spent the afternoon at home and I managed to fit in a wee run while Mya napped. We also managed a play date with friends that we’ve not seen in ages – the kids had great fun playing in our garden.  At night A and I went out with some friends to a fab restaurant in The Chester Hotel.  The food, drinks are company were great and we had such a fun night!

We spent Sunday with the girls heading to the local golf club in the afternoon for food and drinks.  A wonderful weekend!


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