A week of firsts…

Monday was a lovely day so I caught up on loads of washing and did some bits around the house.  Eva and A had a check up at the dentist.  We have a new dentist so apparently Eva screamed the place down – poor daddy!!🙊. In the afternoon we went for a walk and to the park for a play!

It poured with rain all day on Tuesday so we headed to the toddler group in the morning to get out of the house for a few hours!!

Wednesday was a massive day for our big girl – her first day at school nursery.  She wasnt too sure to start with but when I picked her up the teachers said she’d been fine…phew!!

Eva had nursery again on Thursday morning and she went in fine and has great fun again.  We then went for a walk.  It was a lovely afternoon so we played in the garden and I did some jobs around the house!  I also received my first Glossybox which I was super excited about – I’ve written another blog about that though.  It was a big day for me as I told my work that I won’t be returning following my maternity leave so for now I’m a stay at home mum 😍💕👭

I finally got my hair dyed on Friday morning – it was desperately needing done but with 2 little girls it’s so hard finding the time to keep on top of these things.  Thankfully I have a fab mobile hairdresser who comes to the house and puts up with me chasing after the girls!💇🏼

Saturday was super busy.  Eva started her new ‘big girl’ gymnastics class in the morning.  She went in fine and had great fun with her wee chums.  We stayed at the playbarn and had a chat up with some friends after.  It was then a mad dash to a 3rd birthday party at our friends house.  Both girls enjoyed themselves – Mya is turning into a very sociable wee girl and enjoyed charming everyone with her massive smiles!  Mummy then enjoyed a rare night out with her friends while daddy and the girls stayed in!  It was fab – lots of cocktails and yummy food even it did end abruptly with me going home with an upset tum 😷

Today we are having a quiet morning then heading to another 3rd birthday party this afternoon!  

Sorry folks I’ve not got up a great deal with the girls this week but it’s been a week of firsts!  Hopefully we’ll get into a better routine this week and be able to get ourselves out and about again 😍


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