Eva’s First Day at Nursery

Wow…how did we get here!  Today is Eva’s first day at school nursery!  She starts her ante preschool year at Alehousewells School Nursery.  I’m feeling a little emotional at the thought of my wee girl heading off to ‘school’ – it only feels a short time ago that she was born!  They really are only babies for a fraction of time…it’s scary how quickly she has become a feisty, independent big girl!  I’m confident that she will really enjoy being at nursery and will have great fun making lots of new friends.  I also think it will be great for her development and that she is ready for this but it doesn’t change how I feel *sob*!

I wrote the top bit this morning – she’s now been in for her first settling in session.  When I asked her to get shoes etc ready to go to nursery she started to have a wobble and asked if I’d be staying with her.  I explained that I would stay for a little while but she was a big girl now and would be just fine with her teachers.  When we went into the classroom she kept asking if I was staying, I helped her to choose an activity and sat with her for a while before one of the teachers came over and said she would take over.  She was crying as I left 😥

When I went back to collect her, the teacher came over and said that she had yet led very quickly and had been very good (phew!).  She came away all excited and told me what she had been up to and about her new teacher Mrs Pearson.  She seems excited to go back tomorrow…only time will tell!💕


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