Mya at 9 months

I cannot believe that my baby is 9 months old already.  I can’t remember life without you but I remember the day you were born so vividly!  You are such a lovely baby, so content and smiley and mummy and daddy are so proud of you already!


Mya has well and truly mastered waving, clapping and making twinkly stars.  

She bum shuffles herself along to get her hands on anything now.  I can leave her in one place and look back shortly after to find her in a completely different spot!!  She’s also started pulling herself up on people, not so much on furniture and things, but if she’s on your knee she pulls on you to get up.

She is a wee chatterbox too – she babbles all of the time saying mama, dada, tata and hiya!!  Very cute ☺️


She loves it when we sing songs and still adores her sister!  Eva always gets a huge smile and Mya loves to watch every move Eva makes.   

She also loves her new swing in the garden!  We always get huge smiles when she’s on it!!

Mya also continues to love playing with her toys, she’ll happily sit for ages playing with her big box of toys!  It’s great as I can pop her down and get on with some jobs!


Mya is now on 3 meals a day with snacks – she enjoys a variety of foods which I’m still cooking separately for her although I’m planning to offer more of what we’re having from now on.  She is drinking water from a sippy cup and is still taking 3 bottles a day – one early morning, mid afternoon and bedtime.


I started jotting down my ideas for this post a few weeks ago and and I wrote ‘Finally sleeping through consistently’ – I think I spoke too soon!!  She was sleeping through however has started waking for a feed at 11 and then between 4 and 6 – I’m hoping it’s just a growth spurt but we’ll see!! I’ve increased her meal portions and snacks during the day to see if this helps!😲 

She’s still taking 2 naps a day – one in the morning and after lunch.  The morning one has been longer lately and the afternoon one shorter.  I’m fairly easy going and just take my lead from her on this!


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