Mummy to a Threenager

Wow…where has this come from?!  Eva has always known her own mind but these last few weeks she’s taken it to another level.  One minute she is happy playing and the next she’s having a complete meltdown!  It can be something as simple as the cup I put her milk in being the wrong one or being asked to stop constantly poking about at Mya.  It’s so exhausting and I’m starting to feel really worn out by it all!   I completely understand that she’s experiencing these super strong feelings just now and is learning how to handle them and I’m trying my best to bear this in mind when dealing with the meltdowns but it’s hard going.  

The last few days have been particularly bad however she has had a few late nights and we’ve been busy so I definitely need to keep an eye on her sleep and ensure she gets enough.  I’m also trying to give her choices to make her feel in control as I know she hates being told what to do.  

If anyone has any tips for getting her through this phase, I’d really appreciate them! 


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