My Weaning Tips 

When I weaned Eva I stuck with pureeing and gradually adding texture until she was eating more or less the same as us.  With Mya I have gone down a slightly different route and have mixed purées and baby led weaning from the start.  Mya will eat pretty much anything and is doing really well with finger foods (9 months now).  So my top tips for weaning are:

  • Invest in a book – my Annabel Karmel book was my bible and I still refer to it occasionally.  It has fab recipes for all of the family too.
  • Mix baby led and puréed foods – this helps babies to learn to chew and also allows them to explore foods making mealtimes fun!
  • Variety – give as wide a variety of things as possible.  I’ve made most of Mya’s food because I enjoy doing it but I understand that not everyone wants to do this/has the time.  There are a huge variety available in pouches etc at the supermarket so just mix it up!
  • Batch cook – if you are cooking things yourself, buy loads of tubs and batch cook.  It saves tonnes of time and means you can make different variations. 
  • Eat together wherever possible – this lets baby see what to do and I’ve found my girls eat better when we have meals together.
  • Experiment with different bowls, spoons, silly cups etc until you get something that works for both of you.  I’ve always used tommee tippee bowls and spoons and Mya loves her munchkin miracle 360 sippy cup!
  • Most of all relax and make mealtimes fun for baby – this will help to encourage them to try loads and enjoy the time.

Good Luck!😘


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